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Supporting Inclusion Programme (SIP)

The Youth United Supporting Inclusion Programme was funded by The Department for Communities and Local Government. The aim was to increase young people’s access to voluntary youth activities by increasing the number places in areas of high deprivation and need.

This programme was part of the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Integration Strategy to promote social mixing among diverse groups within a community, to foster a sense of belonging and community cohesion. The programme aimed to increase the number of young people participating in structured activities, focusing on communities where historically there has been less engagement and volunteering.

Funding enabled paid staff to go into areas and communities with little or no youth provision to recruit, train and support new volunteers. Once established, with local community support, the groups have become self-sustaining.

Focussing in ten key areas our goals were to:

  • Set up 400 new groups run by Youth United member organisations
  • Recruit up to 2,700 adult volunteers
  • Provide over 10,000 places for young people

We exceeded all of these targets and created 11,611 new places for young people.

An independent process evaluation examined the delivery model used for the Supporting Inclusion Programme and confirmed the key role of our 'Development Workers'.