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Youth United relaunches improved mapping tool for network users

Youth United relaunches improved mapping tool for network users

24th September 2015

This month we have relaunched the Youth United Mapping Tool – and we’re confident that it will help our organisations to strategically target expansion and open more units in the areas where they can give the most opportunities to young people.

Version 2.0 of the mapping tool, which was launched on 22 September, features:

  • A new map system which is much more responsive to the user’s navigation and provides greater detail about road names, educational institutions and hospitals.
  • A revamped user interface, which has been restructured and decluttered to allow the map to be the main focus.
  • The most up-to-date census data.
  • Colour-coded, which allows us to see the impact of each project we have delivered across the UK. Impact can be viewed either by singular organisation, a combination of organisations and combination of projects, or all organisations’ impact across the UK.

One of the mapping tool’s testers, Jon Thompson of the Volunteer Police Cadets, commented: “The new map is nice and smooth and loads quickly when you drag it around”, while another tester from Girlguiding said “The boundaries are clearer to see and the map is bigger and clearer”.

The idea of the development, which was driven by feedback from users across the Youth United network, was to adapt the existing tool to suit the projects and make it more user-friendly. As Romae Sandhu, leading the project, says: “The Youth United GIS Mapping tool is a valuable asset to Youth United Foundation and our member organisations. The most important factor is to encourage collaboration amongst the network, and I’m excited at the prospects and possibilities the tool can now bring.”