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Youth United celebrates UK wide expansion!

Youth United celebrates UK wide expansion!

30th June 2015

The first years of Youth United Foundation focused on disadvantaged communities in England. However, one of the exciting changes with the Uniformed Youth Social Action Fund (UYSAF) is that, in partnership with the Cabinet Office, we are now funding expansion across all four nations. In fact, through UYSAF we are hoping to support the opening of new units that serve almost 7,000 young people outside England.

Come with us as we take you on a whistle-stop tour of the British Isles and the Youth United network.

Wales – Rainbows in Neath

Neath is a small town near Port Talbot in Wales. Once home of the largest integrated steelworks in Europe, remnants of Port Talbot’s industrial past are still evident across its Southern coastal landscape. Tucked in the Welsh hills, Neath’s Rainbows are run from an historic, but newly refurbished community hall.

Recently, Youth United joined the newly formed Girlguiding group to discuss how funding has improved not just lives of the Rainbows, but also the community.

Sian, a Development Officer for Girlguiding Cymru, said; “Neath is an area of low provision for youth centered activities. There was a community swimming pool, but that recently closed and so there’s been a void for what young people can do. Having Girlguiding groups has enabled us to offer new activities and engage with the community”.

When Youth United visited the Rainbows were making and decorating small paper baskets that will carry sweets for a Father’s Day gift and working on ‘All About Me’ sheets which looked at establishing a sense-of-self, such as; drawing pictures of themselves and their families, and writing about what their favourite colours and books are.


Scotland - Army Cadets in Broxburn

The Army Cadet unit based at Broxburn Academy is part of the Lothian and Borders Battalion. It is a unique unit in Scotland because it is piloting working within school hours. The young people attending the unit are all from Broxburn Academy and have the opportunity to gain the useful skills all cadets develop but also have the chance to attain an SQA Award in Uniformed and Emergency Services.

The young people leave school every Monday morning and travel to the ACF Training Centre in Drumshoreland. Here the young people experience the full cadet programme and take part in activities such as climbing, shooting, first aid training and many more fun and educational experiences.

The Broxburn Academy unit has been funded through UYSAF and is part of Youth United Foundation’s recent expansion to Scotland.


Northern Ireland - Youth United in Northern Ireland

Through UYSAF we are funding nine organisations to expand to expand in Northern Ireland, these are:

  • Catholic Guides Ireland – Northern Region
  • Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade
  • Fire Cadets
  • Girlguiding
  • The Sea Cadets
  • St John Ambulance
  • Boys’ Brigade
  • The Scout Association
  • Volunteer Police Cadets

In the coming months we look forward to sharing more about the good work underway in Northern Ireland.