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Points of Light – you make the difference!

Points of Light – you make the difference!

31st May 2017

Here at Youth United we hear, on a daily basis, fantastic, inspiring stories about young people and uniformed youth groups making the difference in the communities they live and operate. Alongside incredible young people, 7,658 equally inspiring adult volunteers, recruited by Youth United, give up their time on a daily basis, to support and help units thrive.

The Points of Light Award, presented by the Prime Minister's office, has been recognising outstanding individual volunteers, who are making a change in their community, since April 2014.

During its history of over three years, 723 volunteers have been highlighted as community role models for helping children and vulnerable individuals, bringing people together, volunteering abroad, fundraising, organising aid convoys for those in need, honouring war casualties and fighting forced marriages, to name but a few.

Nine out of the 723 volunteers honoured so far are part of the Youth United Network. They are:

  • Amir Cheema is a Scout leader from Bristol, who has brought together hundreds of people from different faiths, to become part of the Scout movement.
  • Richard Angel was an Army Cadet as a teenager and continued being involved with the organisation in adulthood, as a Staff Sergeant Instructor delivering activities for the Finchley Army Cadet unit in North London. Richard witnessed a man collapsing on the side of the street and gave him first aid, while waiting for the paramedics.
  • Jason Venables John is a St John Ambulance volunteer from South Wales, who has dedicated the last 13 years to training over 250 St John Cadets. Jason has been recognised by St John Ambulance for volunteering over 1,000 hours of his time to help other people in his community in one year.
  • Betty Lowe from Salford has been volunteering with Girlguiding since the age of 11. Betty was 106 when recognised as a Point of Light in her area, having joined the movement in 1919 and dedicated her life to volunteering.
  • Callum Farquhar from Dunfermline has dedicated 25 years of his life to building links with Scout groups in Japan. He has been involved with organising the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan, coordinating over 4,000 young people and adults to visit the country.
  • Bill Major from London has taught over 500 Cadets to play a musical instrument, as part of his role as Band Squadron Leader for the Royal Air Cadets.
  • Lieutenant Vicki Brookes and Major Ian Mumby jointly support the development of 350 Army Cadets in one of the largest Army Cadet detachments in Humberside and South Yorkshire.
  • Jack Abrey is the third Scout on the list and has been honoured with a Points of Light award for chairing the Scout Community Impact Group and leading the “A Million Hands” initiative.
  • Edna Terret has given 40 years of service to the Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade, most recently as the Chief Staff Officer. She has coordinated the organisation’s 300 volunteers and has worked tirelessly to help improve the lives of thousands of Jewish young people across the UK.

Youth United Foundation would like to congratulate every single volunteer, who has been named as a Point of Light - your fantastic contribution to a wide variety of causes has undoubtedly inspired many more other people to donate some of their time to the organisations they care about.