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Share Somewhere – connecting people with spaces

Share Somewhere – connecting people with spaces

27th April 2017

Youth United Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of our new website called Share Somewhere, a free online tool, which connects people with underused spaces.

The idea behind Share Somewhere is simple – there are hundreds of youth and community groups across the UK, who want meet regularly, but lack access to suitable spaces. Our aim is to liberate underused spaces and make it easy for groups to find affordable venues to do great things in their communities. We are especially keen to see more spaces open up to enable more young people to access uniformed youth groups, and to see more people using the spaces within the Youth United Network.

Share Somewhere is open to everyone and free to use, as we believe all sorts of organisations are willing to share spaces if they can find the right match. Through the website, we hope we can facilitate an easy way for organisations to connect with their communities through spaces.

If you are someone who is willing to share a space, please fill in the short form on the website to join. To register your space, simply visit and click ‘Register’ to get started.

You will need to provide an email and password, which will give you access to a dashboard where you can register as many spaces as you like. You may prefer to create a single listing for a venue or list different spaces within a venue separately. Each space will only take a few minutes to set up but it would be useful to have an image ready to upload.

For the time being, we are looking to contact as many spaces as possible used by Youth United members, and beyond, in the pilot region of Greater Manchester and Cheshire. This could mean that around 2000 spaces will become available for groups to use.

We highly encourage you to have a look at Share Somewhere and if you are interested in helping us shape our service, please do not hesitate to point out features you may find useful or tell us about any particular issues or success stories relating to sharing community spaces. You can contact Michael Carpenter, who has led this project for Youth United from its infancy, directly at

This website has been made possible by a National Youth Social Action Fund grant, funded by Pears Foundation and the Cabinet Office.