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 New Volunteer Police Cadets in Manchester

New Volunteer Police Cadets in Manchester

11th July 2013

Young people are being given the chance to gain key life skills while making a difference in their local communities as Greater Manchester Police launches a volunteer police cadet scheme in North Manchester.

The scheme is for those aged 13-17 and will be opening in all areas of Manchester before the end of 2013.

At a ceremony on Thursday 11 July at Great Manchester Police headquarters, the North Manchester cadets received their berets and certificates for passing their initial training. The cadets then showed their newly developed marching skills in a parade before the Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Mr Warren Smith, the Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy and other distinguished guests, family and friends.

Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy said, “The reason we launched the scheme is because a big part of what we do in Greater Manchester Police is build up relationships with local people and forging relationships with young people is a key part of this. We’ve worked closely with schools, and a lot of our officers and PCSOs have set up youth groups and projects, but now the opportunity to set up a proper youth volunteer cadet scheme is really exciting."

“We see in our day to day work that young people often get a very bad press but actually when you look at them, the rate of youth offending is going down – there are fewer young people getting into trouble and they are using drugs a lot less. What we see is that they are really very impressive and might do a better job of running this world than we do.”

Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd added, “I’ve listened to some great stories tonight about some of our new police cadets as their citations were read out. Some want to join the police force when they are older, some want to join the army and some want to pursue very different walks of life. All the cadets should be very proud of themselves for what they’ve achieved so far.”

More than £10m has been invested by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to support the expansion of uniformed youth groups in 11 areas in England.

Sergeant Jane Butler, development officer for Greater Manchester Police’s volunteer cadet scheme, said, “Following the disorder of 2011 the government saw the need to improve young people’s opportunities and life skills in some of the most disadvantaged areas of England. Greater Manchester has been identified as one of those areas and so is one of the 11 regions to receive some of the DCLG funding.

“We are grateful to the support from DCLG, as we see the scheme helping to make Greater Manchester safer by reducing youth vulnerability to crime, and enhancing young people’s ability to contribute to their communities.”

The scheme is led by police officers, PCSOs, Specials, trainers and volunteers from GMP, and provides young people with an opportunity to develop key life skills, learn about the policing family and volunteer their time. During the ceremony the guests heard stories about each cadet, and that each of them wanted a chance to improve themselves and to further their opportunities in life.

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