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Volunteer Police Cadets celebrate increasing youth social action opportunities

Volunteer Police Cadets celebrate increasing youth social action opportunities

30th June 2016

Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) has successfully opened new units across the UK and helped provide young people with the opportunity to partake in diverse and meaningful youth social action. The delivery of the UYSAF project has helped VPC achieve their #iWill pledge of recruiting 10,000 young cadets four years before their original 2020 target.

The project has seen a number of new police forces sign-up to the national framework and, as a result, helped further the access young people have to social action activities. One area where there has been a significant development in new units and social action initiatives is in North Yorkshire.

Cadets in North Yorkshire have taken part in a range of social action activities such as assisting with general patrolling at a local farm on Lambing Sunday. This included supervising the public entrance to the farm and ensuring that visitors had used the hand washing facilities when they exited. In addition, they also helped search for lost children at the event and assisted in finding other items lost by members of the public. The cadets received very positive feedback from the organisers regarding their professionalism and dedication to their tasks and were given a bit of time to have some fun, as well!

Other social action delivered has included stewarding car parking, marshalling at events, leaflet dropping about an upsurge of thefts and marking insecure residential premises. These activities are just a few examples of the fantastic social action that has been delivered by VPC that utilise skills cadets are learning through the organisation and as part of the UYSAF project. All of the units set up by VPC, as with the other Youth United organisations, are sustainable and will continue to provide young people with the chance to make a contribution to their communities for years to come.

Written by: Gavin Delf, Project Manager, Youth United Foundation